New Model Army

We were in the corner, the Clanduff by the door

On opposite sides of the dance hall, staring across the floor

The lights go out, the fists fly in, it's the usual Friday scene

Because adrenalin is the strongest drug that there has ever been

There's this funny little bloke asking all these questions writing down what we say

So we wound him up like a clockwork dog and we watched him trotting away

Two weeks later there's a feature in the paper called 'Britain's Urban Shame'

It's got the teenage thugs of the new estates with our photographs and names

Ch: So we cut our hair to prove it

And we wore the clothes to prove it

And we armed ourselves to prove it

And we chose our place to prove it

And we danced that way to prove it

And we made ourselves believe it

Until all the world believed it

Until even you believed it

And I was just a little part but I felt the wheels turning

And these are all just little flames but the whole damn city's burning

Now that we were famous they watched everything that we did

We were the villains of the neighbourhood, heroes to all the kids

And even when that old bloke died we pretended that nothing was changed

We just broke the silence with some stupid song and went on with the stupid game

Ch: Yes, we cut our hair to prove it...

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