Ten Commandments

New Model Army

Down comes Moses with the Ten Commandments

Hewn on a tablet, just the bitterest pill

Breaks up the party in the valley below

Says obey my orders and you're doing God's will

And disciples of Jesus, lost and forgotten

When the brand new faith isn't doing so well

Write the Book of Revelation to terrify the people

Join our religion or you're heading for hell

Ch: I will bow to the earth, bow to the sea,

Bow to the love between you and me,

Bow to the sun, bow to the land

But never to a god made in the image of man

Here comes Mohammed, back from the desert

Another male prophet with the word of the Lord

Shut off the women, lock them in darkness

Kill all opponents in a holy war

Here is murder, here is oppression

Here is the order that the Church demands

Burn three million women, call them witches and heretics

Then change the tune when the fashion demands

How they run to you now, how they grovel to you now

I think they're mad

How they subjugate their pride as if it's a sin to be alive

I think that's sad

Down with Moses and his Ten Commandments

Deader than deadest of the Dead Sea Scrolls

Back to the desert with Jesus and Mohammed

Kick out the prophets and save our souls

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