Shot 18

New Model Army

Thou shalt not kill - remember that?

You learnt it again and again when you were young

They said weapons have this safety catch

Your moral conscience tells you kid what's right, what's wrong

Well they make out like they're so surprised

But it's easy when you're civilised

Count to ten, close your eyes

The way it's always been . . Shot 18

I think I was a bit surprised

I never knew I was so anaesthetised

And triggers pull so lightly and people die so easy

I never realised

Well I believe in common laws

I believe in even scores

I understand the rules of war

The way the slate is cleaned . . Shot 18

Who wants another Christian martyr?

Who wants someone else's pain?

Who wants the world on their shoulder?

Who wants to have to cry in vain?

Who wants to have an open sore

Eating away deep inside you?

Who wants to torture themselves

When there's plenty eager to do it for you?

Well, years might heal all the scars

But I don't know if you feel like you have that time

And if I was the man that killed your father

And if I said I'm sorry, would that change your mind?

Well no one should be so surprised

That words don't pay for victims' lives

It's teeth for teeth, eyes for eyes

The way it's always been . . Shot 18

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