Before I Get Old

New Model Army

I'm going to kiss the girls, make them cry

Live too fast, still not die - before I get old

I'm going to see you raised above this place

Watch the moments shine upon your face

Before I get old

I'll watch the sun set over every sea

From every city wall, every mountain peak

Before I get old

The Northern Lights and the Southern Cross

The harvests and the miles of dust

And the blowing wind across the world

So wrap this coat around yourself

And leave what's done behind

There's so much left for us to do

And yet there's so little time

I'm going to pull the fences to the ground

Watch the twisted towers come crumbling down

And start again

I want to be a hero and a villain and a father and a son

Take care of my body and abuse it still

Until everything goes numb

So let's make this dance and never fear

That there's any real reason why we're all here

Live real fast, still not die

Before I get old

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