New Model Army

Coming in at night all the desert highways

Crackle with the static of a thousand little radios

Everyone talking, no-one listening

Well by now I should expect that

Down into the city I smell artificial green

A glasshouse full of growing things

That are not what they seem to be

Look away, look away, the procession's leaving town

The emperor rides naked and no-one gives a damn

That was the last time

I get a morbid satisfaction watching Sunset in all its degradation

We were in a restaurant for wannabes clinking glasses in celebration

We had to leave before something bad occurred and Niko grabbed the keys

We drove out in the early morning with the radio jammed on R'n'B

Drive away, drive away, and he turned to me and smiled

Said, how does it feel to be living through the Fall of Rome

And I said it's beginning to feel OK

The last time

Well I gave you all my money

I'm ashamed to remember now just why I did that

I got bitter, I got jealous, but not as much as you

Do you understand that?

Ten hours drifting half awake and finally touching down

I went out in the rainy morning and kissed the blessed ground

Coming home, coming home and the most of it is done

And the worst of us is left behind in the place where it belongs

That was, the last time

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