Queen Of My Heart

New Model Army

To the Queen of my Heart, from the King of Nowhere

I have watched you arming, and how you wave your sword in the air;

always fighting the shadows as they move behind you,

and the beating wings that hover around you . . .

To the queen of my heart, from the king of nowhere

It's a shallow sky that holds us in; you can reach right out

and touch the edge with just one outstretched hand and feel

the dark come closing in.

And there's nowhere far enough away from here;

the ringing ears and the closing air, and the cities and deserts all beat the same;

the radio waves crackle and phase, the satellites spinning slowly round.

The radar towers search and call

to the Queen of my Heart, from the King of Nowhere . . .

This is the great world calling to the last crusader;

In the rush of the lifeblood coming out of the sunrise . . .

And you're the Queen of my Heart . . . and I'm the King of Nowhere.

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