Better Than Them

New Model Army

This is our town, this is Friday night

Dressed in our rags and our rage and our best

Piercing eyes looking for something - anything, anyone.

Stare across the floor as they begin to dance

Missing all the rhythms and the chosen right steps

And we laugh and we drink in our corner again

We're better than them

Divided we were born, divided we live

Divided we fall, divided we die

Still we tell ourselves over and over again

We're better than them

With our hunger and our hatred, we all walk this town

With our fear and our weakness - just holding on

With our doubt and our emptiness and this cold, cold frown

We've got to be so important, we'll put the whole damn world down

And we build the walls that we can hide behind

And our finest weapon is our poisoned pride

Here in this town where the jealousies burn

We're watching you

'Cause truth is only what we need it to be

To bring us survival through each and every day

When nowhere is safe and nowhere is home - just be cool

And what was she wearing and what did he say?

Who goes with who and what did they do?

We tell ourselves over and over again

We're better than them , we're not like them

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