The Attack

New Model Army

Now the talking's over, plans are laid and the hour is set

Glances round the table, eyes all shining, dark and bright

We meet again at daybreak for the day that will be ours

We're tomorrow's history

So just check your weapons, say your prayers.

Now the evening's over, voices muffled in the cold night mist

We leave the house together, home to rest up in the last few hours

Heads against the pillows with eyes that will not close

Of all the dreams that we've ever had

This is the one, this is the one

Now the night is over - dawn cracks open like a breaking shell

Now the waiting's over - as we walk in silence through the empty streets

We meet beneath the tower, greetings empty like the taste inside

Turn towards the valley and the day that has waited for us all our lives

Even in this age of concrete, even in this age of reason

There comes a time when you put your life

Into the hands of the gods.

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