Two To The Head

Kool G. Rap & DJ Polo

featuring Geto Boys Ice Cube

[Scarface laughing in background]

"Ladies and gentlemen...

Ladies and gentlemen... let's get together

and give a great big round of applause to

to a new group..." [Scarface laughing so loud sample is obscured]

Ahhhhhhhhhhhh shit

Scarface is on the mix

So yo suck a nigga dick

Or make a nigga rich or somethin BITCH

See I come from the place known as the South Park Zone

Talkin shit ain't into clickin take your punk ass home

Cause I'm the type of nigga that'll chuck

Hit you in the chest with a motherfuckin tec and watch you jump

So die motherfuckers die motherfuckers die

Look deep into the eyes of a killer smokin, fry

One nigga you can't fuck wit

Cause I'm a born killer with the mind of a lunatic

So bring in bodybags when I start bangin

Cause I'm leavin motherfuckers laid out, with they brains hangin

Straight gettin down for mine

And I'll fuck up a bitch, cause I don't mind dyin

So feel me drill me, put a bullet in my head, but yo

You can't kill me, cause I'm already dead

Scarface goin psycho, yeah

Play pussy get fucked and take two to your head

[Bushwick Bill]

I'm Bushwick Bill, but call me Chuckie

5th Ward hard bitch, play hero and buck me

Cause I'm known to pull your skull out

Grip a motherfucker by his neck and gouge his fuckin eyes out

I'm insane by a longshot, hey

Chuckwick Bill, a.k.a. Charles Libre

A short nigga with some lonnnnng nuts

Drop you dead in your bed now I'm ready for a long fuck

Necromance that ass for a minute

And split that motherfuckin click when I'm finished

You punk bitches be retreatin