Number 1 With A Bullet

Kool G. Rap & DJ Polo

featuring Big Daddy Kane

[Kool G. Rap]

The last time I caught a body it was recent

Gimme a HK four banana clips and I'll take on a precinct

Yeah the murder rate is on the rise with niggaz like me

steady poppin niggaz are droppin like flies

To get em up when I hit em I hit em hard there'll be no get well card

Niggaz straight to the motherfuckin graveyard

Cause Nino want to get em done

Me pickin the one and lickin em up and hit em up for fun

He thought them bullet hit me but him didn't get none

You better run son, because me beginnin to get the gun

Yo, murder me, you musta heard of me

And if you get rushed to emergency, I'm shootin niggaz in surgery

Another nigga life is took

I'll be at your wake motherfucker signin my name on that book

Inside the morgue another body freezes

It's one more bitch nigga that was sent to meet Jesus

"Come on down!" "Whassup nigga?"

No ambulence, just paramedics scrapin your brains off the street

So yeah motherfucker come get a taste

Cause I'ma give your punk ass my two in face and beat the case

My finger's on the trigger, I'ma pull it

So now you know that Kool G. Rap is number one with a bullet

[Big Daddy Kane]

A one man gang to bring the bang

so the next nigga can't even hang, yang yang yang yang

You know my style, and know my pedigree

You can ask Sadaam Hussein about me

I'm never to let a brother bass

And if you bring on a crew, I hope the bitches saw Scarface

Cause I'ma send em to the morgue

Six feet under, gettin their mail from the groundhog

Cause I'm the wrong brother to push

When put to the test, I go to war like George Bush

And I got apartments to give

the landlord of the morgue, now who need a place to live?

I'm rough and tough, the man on the scene

The baddest the maddest, you know the routine

I flip and rip, to set the rank

The coolest in rulin the gangsta lean

I got my gat to your dome and I'ma pull it

I'm number motherfuckin one with a bullet

[Kool G. Rap]

Niggaz are wavin white flags, then dragged

in a hospital bed, full of lead, with a shit bag

You get a slug in your mug

Just give him a kiss and a hug, I pull the mother.. "Flatline!"

I'm fuckin him up I'm buckin him up all properly

No poppin me is stoppin me even if he go look out for me

I'm quicker to flicker the nigga the trigger is the plan for me

You try to run me comin to kill the whole family

Cause in the city there's no pity or no sympathy

You gotta hem em up, and now you're just a memory

Yeah nigga, I leave em done when I hit em

When pussy comes to get em, tell em Kool G. Rap did em

With my fingers on the trigger I'm Terminatin like umm..

(Who Schwarzaneggar?) Yeah that nigga!

So fuck all the bullshit

You know a nigga