Bad To The Bone

Kool G. Rap & DJ Polo

I'm bad to the bone with a style like Al Capone

I'ma smile while I give you the dial tone

Eatin shrimp and girls I be pimpin

Walk like I'm limpin this brother ain't simpin

Not to mention I'm winner of Mack Daddy conventions

I get a lot of attention

Sleepin in sheets that's made of satin

with one of my money makin honies she's mixed Spanish and Latin

She's a fly type of swinger

Twenty carats on her fingers, minks on every coat hanger

In a highrise, made for only fly guys

With a size that attracts the ladies eyes

Keepin the stash and the cashflow

Profile's kept low, more dough than Barry Manilow

Fly cars, I got diamonds in jelly jars

To earn respect, collectin bar fight scars

Slick talkin with a chick when I'm walkin

Midnight stalkin, all the suckers be hawkin

And I max while you be waxin your Cadillacs

Smooth as a fax, but I can cut you like an axe

Big spender, cause I'm a winner like Bruce Jenner

I burn all beginners and let em simmer like a TV dinner

On the phone cause I'm hard like stone

Holdin my own, cause I'm bad to the bone

I'm gettin cash and, ladies receive my passion

Parties I'm crashin with a flashy type of action

On stage, I kick outrageous

And I enslave the bravest, more diamonds than Sammy Davis

I'm more dramatic than _Dallas_ is

More pretty than a palace is, hands no callouses

Give me a clever girl and I'll outfox her

The man that rocks her in pure silk boxers

So what you want honey a chump or a champ?

Visa or food stamps, Latins or lamps?

I run the game like Sega

Go to war like Noreaga, hit like Schawrzaneggar

Excitin when I'm fightin I'm frightenin

Stick chicks s