Operation Cb

Kool G. Rap & DJ Polo

Every eleven minutes across the USA

a man is a victim of Cock Blocking

This action usually results in broken friendships

The following is an example..

[Kool] Aiyyo Jinx

[Jinx] Hey whassup G?

[Kool] This girl'll be here in a minute

[Jinx] Uh huh

[Kool] The bitch got a nice ass and I'm tryin to get in it

[Jinx] Cool that's alright but why you tellin me this shit?

[Kool] To make sure you don't mind

[Jinx] Uh-huh

[Kool] chillin out while I hit it

[Jinx] Naww nigga, I'll just turn on the TV set

[Jinx] Get paid, hit the skins, get some pussy, get your dick wet

[Kool] Alright bet, because my dick is hard as hell

*ding dong ding dong*

[Kool] The bitch is ringin on my bell

Opened the door, "Whassup baby? Yo come on in

Here, take a seat, I'll introduce you to my friend"

Now everything is going according to plan

"Yo Jinx this is Debbie, Debbie this is Jinx my man" (Whassup baby?)

I went to the closet, hung up her coat, put up her hat

"Yo Jinx," "Whassup?"

"Later nigga, I'm goin to the back" "See ya!"

I took her to the back, closed the doors and I paused..

.. I'm gonna get some drawers

So we laid on the bed and I just smiled

Because I'm dreamin about fuckin her doggystyle

So I'm thinkin bout some hits that I can slip her

*zipper sound* Fuck it, I'll just pull down her zipper

Feelin her ass, and damn the shit is soft

"Aiyyo baby, why don't you take your shirt and pants off?"

I got the whore ready to let a nigga score

*knocking* Yo who the FUCK is at my door?

*knocking* Now she's annoyed, and boy I got some luck

I cracked the door, "Yo Jinx, wh