Rhyme Tyme

Kool G. Rap & DJ Polo

{Marley Marl:}

Ladies and gentlemen

Back by popular demand

We got Kool G Rap and Polo

Singin it is now

Rhyme Tyme

{Kool G Rap:}

I be funky to a junkie cause the rhyme is dope

I use my microphone wire like a cowboy rope

So I can lasso any rapper that think they can cope

And the microphone is my horror scope

Magnificient and excellent cause I'm no scrub

I could rock in a club with only one light bulb

All I need is a mic and a crowd to react

And I'll turn a damn jam into Radio Shack

All suckers in a place I'll erase and replace

Just in case you wanna copy and trace

My word is superb, intoxicates like herb

Orally, musically, and mentally disturbed

Soundwaves are outrageous

I'm brave and courageous

Fillin up pages for ages and ages

Released to rock, too acquiesced to shock

All biters get writer's block

When it's rhyme tyme

To play this game you gotta be a rap pro

It's not dominos or tic tac toe

It's the rhyme tyme game, it challenges the brain

Strategy is the key to unlock the chain

My lips do not chat when I start to rap

Project my voice so loud, my tonsils flat

Excellence defense on the phonograph

Is DJ Polo, he's cooler than Shaft

Fresher than a item that you find inside a deli

Fatter than the man that they call the Fonzarelli

Colder than a icey, hotter than chili

Rap in every language, I can say it in Suaheli

My body has a flavor, girls says I'm lickable

Daffy Duck-MC's call it despicable

I say it's similar to fat, incredible

I got a taste, but it's not edible

I'm goin down as a MC champ

Kinda wet on the set, but it's jus