Live And Let Die

Kool G. Rap & DJ Polo

"Late last night two undercover police officers

were found brutally murdered in a Fort Greene

apartment building in Brooklyn New York.

At this time police have no suspects.

Now to the weather but first..

G tell em what time it is!"

[Kool G. Rap]

I got a chance to get some money so I'm takin it

No joke because this bein broke shit just ain't makin it

Cause I grew up in the fast line

See my pops ran the numbers and my moms held the blackjack games

Now I'm able to leave the cradle

I don't remember the dinners, only the kilos on my kitchen table

Sittin right beside a pistol

And I'm watchin my pops, pick up bricks made out of crystal

While he was countin the green

I seen nothin but strainers, containers, scales and rocks on a triple beam

People was too afraid to stick him up

Because he had the most notorious brothers to come and pick him up

When I reached ten years old

I never recalled seein any more money and drugs in the household

Cause now pops was on his feet

And to keep us from gettin hurt he kept his dirt in the street

And if he tried to attack, your family's wearin black

because he just got your death, put on a contract

Another sucker to rub

Even my mother's walkin around packin a .357 snub

And many cops dropped dead

I seen a man pull out a pistol and blow off an undercover's head

Cause it's hard to get by

And that's why, when you're young in the streets

you gotta live and let die

Some say this ain't the life to choose

Rage is snapped away you get a page in the Daily News

But I just wanna get paid off

Cause if I was workin a regular nine to five I'd get laid off

Some people say, sellin w