Truly Yours

Kool G. Rap & DJ Polo

Yeah here we go just go with the flow

I wanna say something about this girl I know

She tried to play me out though check it out

This I dedicate to the girl I hate

It's a piece of my mind rhyme put on a plate

So yo go ahead swinger I'm putting up my middle finger

I'm not sad or mad I don't feel anger

You're not all that fly trying to play the role

I had girls that looked better on the hoe stroll

Working night patrol, you know what I mean?

I get cash and still wear Jordache jeans

You thought your drug-dealing man was much better

Because he always came and got you in a plush Jetta

Or an Audi, a Benz, or a Jaguar

You didn't think G. Rap was going that far

I'm here to tell of, because you thought I fell off

And now if you're riding the tip, just get the hell off

You wanted to leave because you didn't believe that I would achieve

Cause you had something up your sleve

Perhaps you might have thought I'm a dreamer with a fat head

Now you're stuck with a baby from a crack head

Come to my shows, you want to check to see if I wreck it

The only record your man got is a jail record

I know you like him a lot because he's a big shot

The only picture you got is his mug shot

I'm on a label with well know singers in it

Look, your man's getting booked and fingerprinted

Polo drives a Benz from state to stae

By the way, guess who made his license plates

Thought I was finished, down, going through the blues

Here's a hundred dollars, go buy some new shoes

Go ahead good looking, you can keep booking

>From my recital I'll never get my title tooken

So you got a little 9 to 5, so what?

What do you do for a living, slice cold cuts?

You look slick, but you know every Tom and Dick

You're more quick than a chick from a porno flick

While you scrub floors, I go on tours

>From me, G Rap, yo, truly yours

(Yo G man! You should diss her man. I heard he's a homo jimmy man!)

Listen up money, or should I say honey?

You're looking more sweeter than a Playboy bunny

Fingernails filed, your hair is styled

And the gear that you wear looks hot and wild

Everybody says is he, some kind of sissy?

Your name was "Moose" but now they call you "Missy"

Night or day lights, you fall for the gay rights

I thought you would stay bright, but now you wanna play fight

With men, and Len, your real close friend

But you wouldn't be his friend if his knees didn't bend

You're not a lady dear, you're a square and a queer

Berrettes in your hair, bamboo in your ear

Running in cars, hanging out in bars

Winking your eyes to guys that wear bras

Skintight Levi's and even kneehighs

Don't try to lie, sugar, I know why

In the ladies bathroom, spraying on perfume

Stuffing your t-shirt with two balloons

You don