Home Sweet Home

Kool G. Rap & DJ Polo

[Kool G. Rap]

Brothers on the corner sellin junk

got held up by the hotties got the shotties in the trunk

You got the hardrocks wavin glocks at the punks

Police only harass you when they wanna get a chunk

They got so many corners and they got so many spots

And I can't even bump up the block

without the "Yo man what you got?"

I'm walkin past somebody lookin strange

He's lookin for a hit for veins

or he'll blow out somebody's brains

Even the shorties livin naughty lives

Walkin around, even drive around, with big forty-fives

I just found out the candy store's a front

They walk in the candy store

Man G, candy's far from what they want

You might see a pickle or a popsicle

But if you step to the back, you get dimes, twenties, and nickels

Honey used to look like a winner

Now she can't even get took to dinner

cause so many dealers ran up in her

Somebody's blood is on the tar

Last night was a homicide from a fight inside the bar

Loudmouth tryin to show her ass, but somebody

broke a whiskey bottle and cut her butt up with the glass

Money got robbed for his bank

They broke in his house and took everything

except the kitchen sink

Little man murdered on the scene

He tried to come off at the liquor store, he's only 17

Granny's damn near pushin 80

A couple of hoods grabbed her pocketbook, and stabbed up the lady

Cover your head, cause it's a dead zone, in the red zone

Yeah, this is my home sweet home

Three card molly, another man to fool

Whites will stop at the red lights, to look at us like animals

I'm gettin frisked by the cops

They only tryin to get props, for blowin off a black man's top