Ill Street Blues

Kool G. Rap & DJ Polo

Aw yeah word up word to mother. Here comes G. Rap with another one y'all.

We going to swing it like this...

I'm right in front of my front steps thinking of a plan

Looking like Raggedy Ann no dough in hand kicking a can

Thinking of a plot to pull some bank in

Because I'm dead and stinking

Soles on my shoes winking t shirt is shrinking

Soon I see some ties and my eyes open wide quick

Who's that with you, chick? Bill Blass my sidekick

What's up, black? Give his hand a smack

Up pulls a Cadillac, yo baby we'll be back

Jumped right on inside, not too many people saw us

Thinking about who gotta get robbed because the mob got a job for us

The drove us down to the sober section

Of town where the clowns don't be paying for protection

The want us to send a message to Jimmy the bartender

Lend a friend the money next you're ripping off his car fenders

He's coming up short cause he snorts

Coke, dope, nope, and hope he don't get caught

He owes some Benjamin Franklins, every last bit of em

But Jimmy's pockets are empty, so now we gotta get rid of him

But Jimmy's wife is with him and they don't want to involve her

Hopped out the back seat they gave me a revolver

Blass, you distract him while I go and whack him

Entered through the back side of the bar and then attacked him

He's screaming for his life, reaching for his wife

Shot him in the back of the head and shanked him with a knife

And that goes for anybody who's gotta pay they dues

You lose, cause I got the Ill Street Blues


You lose, cause I got the Ill Street Blues (repeat 4x)

Suckers I clobber, because my town is full of cops and robbers

You're not promised tomorrow in this Little Sho