Kool G. Rap & DJ Polo

Marley: Yo that is

P: Funky! That's him in his new Alfa Romeo

M: Yo that is real real fonkee yo yo what up G Rap?

G Rap: Yo yo what up niggas?

M: Yo what up man? You big you're big nigga! Yo...

G: Got to fly my line on effect

M: Word up yo your phone in there too? Yo I know he's chilling

Yo I just got the AMG kit on mine and it's funky funky funky, funky

G: Word KMGD?

M: Word

G: How much it run you?

M: Yo man, two G's

All: What? Word?

M: Word up man

G: Gotta play kid

M: You know it

P: All I got is a little Benz, man, I don't know...

M: Naaah! He try to be fly

Yo G Rap how you feel about how girls just be on yours

Cause you got a fonkee car?>

A convertible Porsche is what I'm striving to drive

DJ Polo of course, drives a ride that's live

With a AMG kit, in his pockets a mitt

And if you try to steal his shit, by a pitch you get bit

But yo one day you will see me in a fly Lambourghini

On my way to the beach picking up girls in bikinis

I'm a hip-hop star and yo I'm bound to go far

And all the girlies jump right on it

When you drive a dope car

Polo: Yo word, yo why don't you dial it, man?

Operator: Your call cannot be completed at this time

The mobile customer you have dialed may have reached a destination

Or traveled beyond the service area

Please try again later

P: Yo G Rap, yo man, Marley's never in his car

G: Yo word man yo we just gotta catch the brother in his other...

Dope car (x3)


Dope car>