Jive Talk

Kool G. Rap & DJ Polo

A letter to you suckers each and every one of you duck mothafuckers

your girl puckers her lips so I stuck her.

You're gellin' me yo so what the hell you tellin' me?

Now I'm a show you fuckin' with me is a felony.

I'm crushin. Tell you suckers to start hushin'.

Shush no discussion cuz I'm a start rushin'.

The payback and I attack the pack that's wack.

The black mack: brown like a Cracker Jack.

Slick and quick. I got pick a bic to stick,

to kick some shit, chicks I dick with.

The One. Give up the fun with the gun, my son.

I don't run, I kick mothafuckers done.

It don't matter, I make niggas scatter,

teeth start to chatter, your head I'm-a splatter.

Arraigned. Breakin' to maintain and watchin' my name bring you pain.

I'm standin' on your blood stain.

Hard to hold. I'm bold, I roll real cold.

Too much soul, dick made of gold.

I rolled niggas to hell; you tried to swell but fell.

Now get well or die like a dry cell.

A rap villain. Chillin' and i don't give a fuck about a killin'

cuz I'm still in effect when you're illin'.

A terrorist. I terrorize like an assassin.

Yes, I'm trespassin', your ass I'm harassin', huh.

Talk is cheap. I'm keepin' ya six feet deep, so don't sleep

when I creep, you'll leap like athletes.

Slammin'. Examine what I'm jammin'.

Hey, I don't play -- I burn like a gamma ray.

Labeled prey, played to pave the way. Mothafuckers are scared straight...

[Interlude for shout outs, leading to a freestyle-like verse]

Check this out...

The creature feature, searcher, preacher, teacher,

taught to rough the cap to rap to ya and reach ya.

Musical master,