Men At Work

Kool G. Rap & DJ Polo

Since we didn't make no records in a long time

why don't you show these rap sap suckers what kind of rhymes you got


Deadly rhymes here's the solution

Smoking so bad I'mma cause a pollution

With satisfaction baddest action fatal attraction

Drop you to an improper fraction

Ill insanity kill like Amity

Ville horror as I wipe out humanity

Won't leave a path a track, a trail to trace

But when you're staring inside a mirror, you see my face

And I'll terrify, so don't ever try

To shake or bake or flake cause I never fry

Letters together sly as a fox clever than ever

Silly ducks write rhymes with feathers

Really dope needles are needed to inject this

Dope cause I'm a death wish, not even Bob Hope's

Rhymes are rugged, soul flooded, cold blooded

You ain't better, you're butter, so just shut it

Here to perform, having a brainstorm, make a rain form

How rap groups run to keep the name warm

Putting heads to beddy-bye like Freddy so get ready

Cause I'mma get crazier than Crazy Eddie

I'm alone but my tone is a sharp tune

Developing pictures in your brain like a darkroom

Rappers are captured and tortured with rapture

In 3-D is a G coming at you

Words in my rap will surprise you like Cracker Jacks

You dig them like Sugar Smacks and bite them like Apple Jacks

Brother, sister, misses or mister

My style is complicated, patterns like a twister

Throws, my shadow grows when I walk slow

Nerds are scared to be heard so they talk low

But I've been urging to drill in your brain like a surgeon

Rhymes so dope and they're busting you up like a virgin

More competitors change to challenger