Ye Courtyard Minstrel Boy


a new horizon

hear the travellers call

behold there lies a kingdom

go forth ye minstrel tall

sing of your wisdom

spread tidings of joy

a feast of song and laughter

ye courtyard minstrel boy

o'dance thee 'round the table

for conquerors and kings

thou muist win the heart of Gwenhwyfar

fair maiden of the king

thy lord thy master

Arthur thee so bold

heed the words of Ayreon

and thy future will unfold

sing ye tales of wonder

whilst ye hide behind the joy

cast thy spell asunder

ye courtyard minstrel boy

sing ye, oh sing ye, courtyard minstrel boy

a day of splendour

how beautiful birds sing

ladies, lords and masters

and rainbows he would bring

a child's sadness

sweet dreams, oh princely boy

let thyn eyes reveal the madness

ye courtyard minstrel boy

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