The Two Gates


And so it's come to this. Two Gates - two portals await. Let your choice be guided by

collective wisdom. Ah, hath the prospect of freedom ever tasted so good? One gate completes the

circle;one step away from your own dimension, your cherished time. One gate severs all

connections: one step away from the dreamworld of everlasting ebony. You call it Oblivion.

It is a brave soul who makes the first choice.


behold these gates, the first one plain and old

behold these gates, the second forged of gold

the gate of old spells out disgrace and shame

the one of gold cries out my noble name

I challenge death to meet me at this gate

I challenge Odin to pronounce my fate

and if I thrive I've overcome this land

but if I fail I'll die a worthy man


[roman] open the gate, we're now on our own

[all] enter the gate to your destiny

[roman] will it be fortune or fate, the truth shall be known

[all] enter the gate to your destiny


cowards whine beyond the olden gate

Valhalla shines beyond the golden gate

I walk alone so dare not follow me

but choose your own and die in agony



(fading into oblivion,)


we have been saved, our journey has ended

but tell us why, why this ordeal?

what was your aim, or was it just some game

have we've been humbled, or did we prevail?

we've been enslaved, our wounds have not mended

and who are you, what magicians or gods?

what was your plan, we don't understand

did we pass, or did we fail?


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