Dragon On The Sea


"It is the 16th century. I am Queen Elizabeth sending out the brave Sir Francis Drake to

defend the English realm against the invading armada."

[Lana Lane]

Times are dark now, our empire's gone astray

Forces from down south, armada on the way

So we call our greatest men to run the barricade

Shine your light where shadows fall and wash the night away

Sail on for your queen

Sail into history

You will never be the same

Sail on for country

Into our memory

Time will remember your name

Dragon on the sea

Fires burn now in once our tranquil bays

Tall ships that rain down thunderbolts and flames

Go and raise your pirate flag, cast the lines away

Take your fleet where darkness falls and turn the night to day

The sun never sets on the empire won

But wise men say never say never

It slips through our hands just like sand in sun

We thought it would go on forever

Dragon ships they keep on sailing, on to Nova Albion

While the waking world is sleeping, dragon ships are sailing on

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