Journey On The Waves Of Time


"I join the Migrator on its long journey through time and space in search of the planet

Earth. On my journey I encounter many fantastic astronomical phenomena."

[Ralf Scheepers]

Fly me across the sky

Fly me to the edges of space

Show me the wond'rous sensations

And mysteries of aeons gone by

Guide me through a maze of stars

Guide me to the birth of my race

Give me the answers to questions

Reveal to me secrets of life

Journey on the waves of time

Lead me through the centuries

Lead me to places unknown

Sail me away on the x-rays

Of quasars that died long-ago

Carry me through the universe

Carry me back to my home

In search of the gateway

That leads us into the black hole

Journey on the waves of time

Our quest for life has now begun

The die is cast

Our voyage leads us to the sun

Out of the past

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