Temple Of The Cat


"It is the 8th century. I am a Mayan girl heading for the Jaguar Temple in Tikal on the

central American continent."

[Jacqueline Govaert]

Shine down on me, Sun of the Underworld

Set me free, chase away the night

Proud Jaguar, king of the Mayan Gods

Shining star, light up the sky

And guide me to the Temple of the Cat

Heart-of-Sky, Maker and Hurricane

Mighty eye, harvester of life

We were born solely to speak your name

Bring the dawn, we'll praise the sky

Here inside the Temple of the Cat

Upon his throne the High priest addressed the crowd

Now carved in stone his holy name

Beads of jade adorn his cotton shroud

His silvery blade on a golden chain

He lies here in the Temple of the Cat, dead

He will rise again from the Temple of the Cat

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