Farside Of The World


A black shadow is crawling like a Deadly spider we're all waiting in Silence for the lonely

rider fore he will Lead the way for he will save the town We have to leave today before the Moon

is down

I'm haunted by dreams of a holy Mission I follow the signs of my magic Vision

We have to dig a hole and he will be Our eyes we have to reach a goal Before the sun will rise

Journey to the farside of the world no One will catch me when I fall follow the Trail of fire

no one will hear me when I Call journey to the farside of the world A distant place a future

time we'll Climb the tallest spire I will raise the Cross and the bells will chime

We'll pass over the river to the silver Tower run before the clock strikes the Final hour

He saw it in a dream he knew he had To die we never heard him scream we Never heard him cry

Journey to the farside of the world Make them believe the dream is true Follow the trail of

fire the moon came Down my time is through journey to The farside of the world this is the way

It was meant to be we'll climb the Tallest spire the shadow is gone the Town is free

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