Listen To The Waves


Ayreon warns the people that if man does not mend his ways,

man will contaminate the skies, so there will be no more air to breathe,

he will poison the seas,

so there will be no more water to drink and he will pollute the land,

so there will be no more food to live on.


all the trees have fallen

the soil is scorched and dry

i can't respire

a storm of fire

is raging in the sky

where is all the wildlife

extinct from pole to pole

the hunt for skin

a deadly sin

took it's heavy toll

the seas are red, the skies are grim

the soil is filled with graves

the earth is dead, the sun is dim

listen to the waves

we befoul the air

and burn a hole in the sky

deadly rays

from outer space

cause our race to die

standing at the crossroads

a choice of life and death

we'll take more care

and clear the air

or take our final breath

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