[a. the time telepathy experiment]

this is the voice of merlin. listen well,

for it concerns you. this chronicle commences in the year 2084 a.d.

mankind has virtually destroyed itself.

it's survival depends on 'the final experiment'.

scientists from the 21st century have developed

a new computerprogram called 'time telepathy'.

by using this technique they have sent visions of humanities'

decline back in time. these transmissions have been received by the mind

of a blind minstrel who lives in 6th century great britain. his name ....

is 'ayreon'.

[b. overture]

[c. ayreon's quest]

it shall be ayreon's quest to sing of these visions and thus warn the world

of its impending downfall in order to change its future in a long

and prosperous one. let us go back to 'the dark ages'.

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