Out Of The White Hole


"We come out of the white hole into the M31 galaxy, which is also known as Andromeda. We

see a planet that looks much like Earth. Could it sustain life? And if, who lives there?"

[Timo Kotipelto]

[A. M31]

And out of nowhere we materialize

From a blaze of fire to a world of ice

We folded space to a distant sun

Inside the heart of M31

On a steady course to the planet Y

Circling round a star in Sirrah's eye

The search for life has now begun

In the constellation M31

Light years away, beyond our Galaxy

I see a planet like our own

A golden sun is shining down on me

Could it be that we are not alone?

We're passing Sirrah in Alpha Pegasi

Into the atmosphere of planet Y

What will we find? chances almost none..

Will there be life in M31?


We're diving through the nebulae and arrive on planet Y

A hundred thousand hollow eyes are gazing at the sky

There seems to be no motion, no pleasure and no pain

No symptoms of emotion, no loss and no gain

Solar screens and cold machines are covering up the ground

Crystal covered fields of green and oceans underground

Countless different entities but they all look the same

But then one of the entities is crying out its name:


Remember Forever...


It's time to leave and carry out our quest

Miles to go and things to see before we rest

We came in vain, our search is not yet done

For there's some kind of life in M31!

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