Sleeper Awake



"For the first time during my journey, the Migrator communicates with me. He speaks to me

directly, but without words. The Migrator tells me that my corporeal body inside the

Dream Sequencer has died. While my body will now sleep forever, my conciousness must

awake to eternity that lays before me ... for I am the new Migrator!"


[Ian Parry, Lana Lane]

Atomically into existence

A creator of life was born

This universal migrator

In his celestial form

Astronomical segmentation

A division from which I came

To go forth with a task bestowed me

And seek out new worlds for all

Fly up into the skies

A sea of blue has crossed thine eyes

A quest to save mankind is made

Just one earthly being his soul shall remain

My power of thought calls you

Sleeper...sleeper awake, oh you sleeper

Open your mind hear me sleeper

Sleeper awake, come alive

Our spirits they can never die

Sleeper...sleeper awake, oh you sleeper

Dormant inside, hear me sleeper

Sleeper awake, come alive

Your body is dead not your mind

A cataclysmic end for many

Annihilated Earth to the core

But one soul survives in stasis

A colonists spirit the source

You're the one not I, the chosen

With visions, a bright new dawn

To cross the starlit systems

A place where new planets are born

Rise up, you must awake

The here and now shall separate

The body frees the soul and mind

Your spirit will join me in time

Sleeper awake there's a world waiting for you to find!

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