The First Man On Earth


"It is 50000 B.C. The world is almost empty; nature is still untouched by man. Off in the

distance, a clan of ape-like creatures gather near a cliff side. But I am the first to

stand. I must be..."

[Neil Morse, Mark McCrite]

In fields of green, vast as the oceans

Is this a dream, is it evermore?

A million years, fast as a notion

I stand alone here on the silent shore

I'm after prey in the fields

Shelter in a cave from the cold and lonely nights

And now it all seems so real

Warming at the fireside beneath the pale moonlight

This is the dawn of time

I am the first to stand

Looking through the eyes of the primal man

This is the dawn of time

Witnessing the birth

I am the first man on earth

The skies of blue reach to the heavens

They go on and on forevermore

No avenues, no city sidewalks

Planet Mars is but ancient lore

This place has all that I need

No computers glowing screens, no industrial machines

Somehow it all seems surreal

Memories of days gone by, a slowly fading scene

No one here to blame me

No one here to hurt

So much space here to occupy my mind

I can breathe the breath of virgin land

The firefly at nighttime

The sounds of nothing known

And I belong here like I never have before

The wandering child returning home

When twilight falls, red is the sunset

Planets appear across the colored sky

No prison walls, no war, no bloodshed

Hard to believe this new world will die

I wish that I could stay for a while

In the dream world that the sequencer creates

And though it all seems so real

Now I fear the time is gone, I feel its heavy weight

Hold on to this moment in time

Savor a life how it used to be

Hold on to the world in its prime

Breathe in the air, feel the energy

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