Another Time, Another Space



was this a dream I just had?

I have my doubts

I can't make out the truth

from the lies here inside

what kind of trip have I been on?

where did I go

I'd like to know just why

did it feel so damn real?


there's something strange going on

I don't know why

It's something I can't place

an open space, a shrouded face

as if my memory flies

have been erased

and then replaced by lies

false replies, clouded skies

[hippie & futureman (chorus)]

a secret yearning lurks inside

like a dream trying to hide

another time, another space

an empty feeling haunts my brain

a strange void I can't explain

another time, another space


I've been relieved of all my pain

I've been reborn

a mighty storm has raged

and my fears disappeared


I've found the grail here within

in a magic dream

I have seen a world

of make belief, of joy and grief!

[chorus all]

Remember forever.....

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