The Decision Tree (we're Alive)


Ah, my friends! So light of foot. So swift. You have come this far. And now - here beneath the

ancient, omniscient boughs of the Decision Tree - one of you must depart this world of flesh.

Only seven may continue. Only you can decide...


let it be known I won't be the one to die here

honour and glory are heaped upon my name

let it be clear I'm not the one who cries here

what about the tall one, the one who's lost to shame


I've followed princes, I've raised their bloody banners

I've killed and wounded on the side of right

I've reaped the harvest, scattered fields with ashes

I've buried children, sowed the seeds of hate

[all (chorus:)]

we're alive

we'll survive

we will strike for

our freedom

we're alive

we'll survive

we'll arrive in our



I've followed princes

I've followed kings

I will take their lead no


I will not lie

in shallow graves

(I'm nobody's slave)


let it be known, by Thor the god of lightning

I have been chosen to do battle at his side

let it be clear I was born to go down fighting

what about the craven, the one who's lost his pride


don't speak to me of homour, pride and glory

I've tasted blood, seen your type before

you talk of battle but all you tell are stories

you'd see me buried in a shallow grave

[all (chorus), highlander]

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