Would You Hesitate

C Murder

[C Murder]

This song right here don't pertain to my most loved. P Silkk my


Jimmy my closest family. This is a question to all my closest homies

that I

die for cause I love y'all

A body can't live without a soul up in it

When you dead aint no second chance but alive aint no limit

So you bein TRU to yourself

Well then die for something then somebody else

I'm surrounded by more thugs then my eyes can see

But I still ask the question how many y'all would bleed for me

I'm C-Murder, but that don't mean shit to a bullet

I make moves with Silkk, cause I know he gonna pull it

I ask P the true meaning of being a brother

He said just some niggas that would die for each other

And can't be seperated by money and bitches

When apart we poor, but together we richer

Life is complicated like a game of chess

Anticipating check mate is like waiting for death

If I'm gonna die give the king his life

That's why I ask my soldiers would you ever think twice


If I ask the question would you all be true

Would you ride for me like I'm a ride for you

And when times get hard and my life's at stake

Would you hesitate to eliminate x2

I got a question for Boz, would you ride for me?

To them Deli boys nigga would you die for me?

To my homies Kane and Abel would you kill for me?

If a motherfucker wasn't being real to me

And Fiend and Mac, I know you ready to roll

Cause the three of us done been through some shit before

Mia X, I know you always got my back

The Gambino's stay strapped, and me and Prime Suspect

Been shedding tears on the block forever

Just like Big Ed been TRU forever

Mystikal, nigga, would you pop that fool

But no