Get N Paid

C Murder

[Featuring Silkk The Shocker]

Alot of people don't realize

how us young black businessmen down here in No Limit doing it

But they do understand we making alot of money

[C Murder]

I got it made plus I get paid and paid

You wanted No Limit so I brought the brigade

I'm true to the game so I'm draped in tats

The most valuable player because of my stats

all the Platinum sales because I'm so gifted

ya I used to slang I even shop lifted

When I went to jail and went upstate

I beat a charge cause my paper was straight

I wanted a truck so I bought me a Nav

an I wanted some pussy so I paid for the ass

I got it made so they call me a made nigga

If rap was dope I guess I'd be a drug dealer

I got the feds all over my dealy

You infiltrate my click, really

Mothafuckers must like to see theyselves get played

Cause TRU niggaz gettin' paid

[Chorus x6]

We trying to get paid

[Silkk The Shocker]

Now I came thru the door, I said it before

Last year I'm worth a little something, this year I'm worth more

I gots to get paid, I gots to have it made

Nigga street smarts, my game stay sharp just like a blade

see I'm a be worth something an see if I don't get killed

I'm trying to be the first nigga out the projects worth more than a


I smash something think about the future so I stash something

Don't think the money will change me I'm still down to click-click and

blast something

See I gots to get cash but I guess it be in time

now see you gotta get yours I gotta get mine

And when I get something for niggaz its the most popular kind

And when I buy something that's for me nigga its top of the line

Now nigga on the real I gots to fulfill my own drea