Show Me Luv

C Murder

[Featuring Mac Mr. Serv On]

[C Murder]

Yeah check this shit out. This is for all my real tank dogs

My No Limit soldiers out there buying my shit

Ya know this is for you you hear me?

Show me love

When you see me on the TV show me love

On the video

I got a tank around my chest representing my home

I'm asking all the haters to leave me alone

And uh much love to the calliope

I'm at the Soul Train awards representing my court

I did a show up in Texas with facing the boys

South park, fifth ward, nigga bringing the noise

Front row, nigga tatooed with TRU on his arm

That's props, that's why I put it in this song

Went to Cleveland for a three day tour

At the party at the tele couldn't take no more

My autograph sessions at the main event

Thanking all my friends for the money they spent

At the radio they loving my beats

Ninety-three while we be mean green streats

And my success goes to the man above

But uh, I'd like to thank my fans for showing me love

Show me love

All my niggas on the southside

Show me love

All my niggas on the northside

Show me love

All my niggas on the eastside

Show me love

All my niggas on the westside


When I was underground everybody down

Everybody show me love, cause I share common ground

With those niggas that was broke they laughed and joked

Them niggas was broke too but I'm a rapper so they think I'm not

supposed to

But they still on my team cause I got fame

And everywhere I go people be yappin my name

Yeah I know Mac, we go back, me and that nigga tight

As a matter of fact he slept at my house the other night

It's cool I let alot of shit go cause I'm a