Only The Strong Survive

C Murder

[Featuring Master P]

[Master P]

can't no one out side infiltrate this no limit organization

so prepare yourself prepare for a battle

chorus 2x

real niggaz going to ride playa haters going to die because after

dollars and cents only the strong survive

[C Murder]

in gats we trust no limit niggaz going to bust

if you ride with me you gots to die with me

put your rags in the air here comes the brigade

i sold dope on the block cause true niggaz get paid

army fitues with my boots and my gat

luitentant of a bunch of niggaz

paid and strapped we got we got bitches and blunta

we got weed and money representant them killaz

and them haters be running i got bitch niggaz

anticipating my deck scared to show they face

cause they scared rap huh

my money to big for them pigs to jock me

we ghetto millionares so them feds going to watch me

paper chasing for green ain't no punks on my team

i live the life of a thug fo fill'in my dream

fake niggaz going to crumble at the site of my nine

no limit soldier don't fall off real niggaz going to ride

chorus 2x

[Master P]

oh lord can you feel me

or tell me why my lil' brother Kevin Miller

had to die and i still hear

gun shots when i sleep so i'm sayin

fuck the world and the police

incarcerated by the ghetto so we trapped

that's why broke niggaz in the hood bust caps

nigga said gangsters make good politicians

and that is why we stay strong black and independant

so the world is like fuck a viatnam

i wish i was the president i could send the bomb

penaitentary's stay packed now they filing forms

for mexicans and blacks ugh

chorus 4x

[Master P]

ugh only the mo