Life Or Death

C Murder

[Featuring Peaches]



It's life or death in my town

and I'm standin' on deadly ground

I just wanna live my life

all by myself...

[C Murder]

Life is full of debt

And life is full of cnflict

I'm just tired of seein' all my homies out here dyin' quick

Society today is all twisted

Gave my homie 20 years for shop lifttin'

Now that's bad because LaWan got 3 for murder

Politics in the court house ain't the same since the murder.

That's why constantly I watch all my enemies

Cuz death is a disease to all my TRU g'z

The can't shake it

They can't seem to break the cycle

That's why I'm protected by the gat and St. Micheal

Ralph Sten said money...runs the country

Make ya do some strange things when it's right in front ya

I done see mothers turn on they own kids

Money make brothers turn on one another.

Even make each other split the other's wig


Least of all tops is ta watch ya back

Life or Death

Cuz ya never know if ya breathed ya last breath.

[Chorus x2]


I'm already dead

So can't nobody kill me

I done suffered to long to let another man fear me

My pain brings anger to a total stranger

Ain't no limit to my hall when I'm constantly in danger

I just wanna be surrounded by somebody that luv me

But reallity is sendin' me those hatas undercover

I don't know who to trust but my family and friends

Takin' chances on your life when you let a stranger in

nowadays rappers dying

So I take it as a message

I lived to see another year so I count my blessings

Tell Em' I'ma changed man, but they do