C Murder

[Featuring Fiend]

Cluckers x24

[C Murder]

Throw me a shotgun nigga lets get high tonight

Oh god please dont let a nigga die tonight

I'm serving cluckers on the set like 24 7

If I get killed I know I'm not going to heaven

I did too much dirt commited too many sins

Just scored two keys with killers in a room toastin with him

It's time to break that shit down and bag it up

We make crack like this now we gotta sell this stuff

Mom's trippin, wanna know why I got two beepers

I couldn't tell her one for the hoes, and uh, one for them tweakers

Now my money comin fast like a motherfucking nut

And if you catch me doing bad, nigga, you gots to give it up fool

Break yourself cause, uh, I'm bout robbing

Check my rapsheet nigga, and ask my homies Steady Mobb'n

We be some crazy niggas, we're some hard motherfuckers

It's time to check my crackhouse nigga, it's time to check my cluckers

Cluckers x24


Once again young Fiend is on the block

Dodging the cops, working out the murder shop

You heard of the rock, well nigga, I'm slanging it

The shit won't ever stop cause I aint got no shame in it

My niggas gangbanging it, lettin thier khaki's sag

While I'm sellin y'all down to the shaker bags

Break em back, ten it is, and my condition they see me

Behind my paper, beatin your hands, steady grinning, from the


I knew I could sell all construction

Motherfuck those dealin, nigga i'm tryin to make somethin

Aint no settlin for nothin, nigga, i'm tryin to meet dollars

Mister ?????, and ain't he spendin all them powers

Strawberry swallowa, but stones all in the nut

Fiend got em hypnotized doin his drug dealer strut

Pull up, not giving a fuc