Battle Cry

C Murder

Yo, yo, yo

Keep it gangsta

Fo' real my niggaz

Yo, yo, yo

Me and my homies were chillin' on da street

Shootin' and killin' e'ry wanderin' nigga we see

We was smokin' blunts on da East side, playa

Just trippin' and pimpin' we'z rides cuz dats how we do

Gettin' booty is numba one priority

Numba two priority is keepin' in style

We gots new threads and spinnin' rims

We bump on dem 40s rollin' tru da hood

If we don't, we ain't cool

But a niggaz got to keep up wif da "in" crowd

If we don't we isn't shit

Gotsta bling bling or we aint getting pussing

Yeah, we make up words just to rhyme, nigga

We's not talented, shit we don't even play instruments

We only rhyme words which don't even rhyme half da time

But I did just then, howdya like dat?

We puts dems words to a fake computa beat and then we let the cash roooollllllll in

Hell yeah nigga, it's dat easy

Dat's how you get da money, hoes, cars, and cloze

As long as you is black, got da rhymes, and a computa

You can be rich and famous

Fake white girls will wish they was black just like you

Too bad they gots no life

All they do is rely on popularity, looks, or money

Cuz we know they ain't smart or talented or even likable

Just like us, but theys are da ones keepin' us rich, stupid bitches

Yo, yo, yo

Hell yeah nigga, dat's da gangsta battle cry

C-Murder style