I Remember

C Murder

C Murder:

Ha Huh man Im tripping out right now

thinking about my motherfucking brother K L

that nigga used to talk about going to the motherfuckin NBA

and doin this and doin that nigga I'll never forget


I remember in the days how we used to dream

Now a days my life just aint the same 2X

C Murder:

I remember growin up with 5 kids we aint have nothin

but each other and i think damn i miss my brother

I give a shout to my mom she was there for me,

even though sometimes i felt she never cared for me

Packin pistols wasnt even in my frame of thought

We had a problem it was understood that we fought

And Money wasnt even on my most wanted list

It wasnt really necessary just to pull a check

And even though I didnt have a dad,

I used to thank the lord everyday for everything I had

To all my lost thugs i miss ya well,

I cant forget ya I got ya picture in my cell

and uh I never use ya name in vane,

but its a shame how you'll never get to share my fame, my nigga

You never saw your son face to face but rest a sure that ya family


cause i remember

Chorus 2x


I remember sittin in the hallways of school teachers lookin at me


"Magic why you aint in class", cause im tryin to make some money

Watchin koochie pass waitin for the bell to ring,

cause i got a pocket full a dirt that im gonna blow on my friends

Im headin straight to the streets where i learn the game,

me and my niggas rushin home where we stashed our cane

I went from student to dope dealer hangin out with straight killers,

i did better til i met the Millers

I remember livin lies slowly doin so bad so broke i had no where to go

I was wearin the first pair a Jordan's after the fourth