Money Talks

C Murder

[Featuring Fiend Silkk The Shocker]

(Silkk Tha Shocker)

Money talk and uhh cash rules

I bout to get dollars so us act a fool now

What huh what huh what huh what yo yo yo yo

(Silkk Tha Shocker)

Verse: 1

I use to flip birds now I just flip words

When cops come to get me

it's because some shit that they heard

Like I'm out to get dough

Like I'm out to get mo

Hacking like 6 to the 4

Like 6 double 0, like

Four, or either two doors

Money no like C to the E O

Oh I forgot like ju don't know

Like I'm out to get cream

Like fiend I just don't fuck around

Just bust around

Till niggas get the fuck out of town

I wanted the house, so I got the house

I wanted the car, so I got me the car

Don't start, cause no heart is what got me this far

I the type of nigga that don't give a fuck

Just walked up and laughed at the cop

Type of nigga to go up in traffic

and start blastin the glock

Rap's still down, C huh, pass me the rocks

I don't be playing it serious

I'm actually looked after he shot

It's no love, for y'all 16 bullets

Four slugs peace, ain't no bigger thugs than me and C

So you got the mightious touch,

for all the records you sold

Like nope, mad fuck em got touch nigga, just went gold

I'm like a drug dealer,

I hold nothing less than a quarter

This is my last. last year I was just testing the water

Five to the 0 4 nigga, yo that's my hood

Any fool gotta make this much

I just that good

Money talk and uhh cash rules

I bout to get dollars so us act a fool, now

Get money, make money, get money,

get money, make money, get mone