Ride On Dem Bustas

C Murder

[Featuring Magic Ke'Noe]

(Helicopter propeller)

(Whisper getting louder)

Real nigga

Real nigga

Real nigga

Real nigga

(C Murder in background)

From the motherfucking (?)

On to the motherfucking Beats By The motherfucking Pound

It's the realist

Nigga I walk with a dirty gun with a motherfucking round

Chorus (2x):

Real niggas and we ride on them bustas

We some real niggas scream fuck them motherfuckers


I smoke weed, when my mind gone, I aint tripping

Bullets flipinng, young nigga bout that hollow chipping

Fliping Ki's on the block, where them G's at

Go them hoes sucking my dick till they knees crack

Drop top 6 all black with the black tints

I got them niggas pushing crack like a Mack 10

A dollar short and I'm coming

bout to have these fools running

Hundred rounds humming, bout to break em off something

Call my cousin Rock on the Mobile phone, he at home

Macnolia projects, straight from Clebourne

In the city, where the shitty niggas quick to give you

A ticket to the morgue (nigga) after they kill you

Fuck the penn, cause if I go again, I'm a rider

You never catch me slipping, I got my heater right beside, uh

Running from the cops, cause the law, I don't trust ya

I'm a real nigga and I ride on them bustas, I'm a

Chorus (2x)


I sick and I'm tired of all the fakers

Niggas be talking about they gonna keep it real

Nigga give me the strap and get in the back

This shit is about to get real

I came here a head-buster, a dome-crusher

They founded out I can rap and uh told me put down the strap

Now I'm getting favors screaming NIGHTWARD

I written this shit, I took