Making Moves

C Murder

[Featuring Master P Mo B. Dick]

Hey C Murder who you hang with?

Say little Kevin boy you know I only make moves with thugs

nigga nigga nigga what

make moves with thugs nigga nigga what

I make moves with thugs ghetto niggas feel me

[C Murder]

I wake up in the morning and grab my gat

re cock my shit before I grab my hat

then I page my niggas Fiend and Mac

cuz we be strapped like the men in black

and uhh one time don't bother me

already payed my dues for a robbery

just cashed a check for 200 G's

left them hoes alone to pursue my dreams

I told them haters don't play no games

got a bunch of bout it mother fuckers screamin' my name

left the life of crime for the life of ryhme

with every move I make its bulletproofs with nines

you don't wanna go to war with me

I got Big Man and Baz with me

just some more thug niggas ridin' with me

cuz makin' moves with thugs is a high

makin' moves with thugs


You know the deal (nigga soliders and thugs)

this thugs for real (makin' moves with thugs)

we packin' steel (i'm makin' moves with thugs)

in cabs we peel (makin' moves with thugs)

[Master P]

how many niggas wanna ride with me

how many thug niggas and bitches wanna get high with me

don't cry for me, just ride for me, 187, 211 is a robbery

I hang with killers and dealers thug niggas and bangers

see 3rd world niggas keep one in the chamber

don't play no games boo cuz this shit be real

I roll with young niggas that be hard to kill

I gave Kate Wang gold, bobby and jimmy

Big V, big token nigga watchin' they enemies

throw up they soldier rag if you bout it bout it

cuz us thug (3rd world) nigga