Trigga Play


I'm bout that trigga play nigga

I aint stuntin you bout two

You can get busy you know the choices is on you

I come through your areas to burry you

I slow you down take your Rolex with the bezel too

The B.G. a HB off VL

Tips on the creek rang choppers like a church bell

I armed nigga and backed up by click niggaz

Thats trigga happy dont give a fuck bout killin niggaz

We killin haters with tommy guns spillin haters

The ghetto made us slangin is how we get our paper

pull off capers an original thug taper

Got riches handed over nigga before I erase ya

You want my troubles I dont believe you ready for it

But I'll bring it to you if you insist you ready for it

You want beef I'm dramatized on paper

You makin me sleep cause I'm bout that trigga play


B.G. bout trigga play

B.G. bout gettin funky anyday

B.G. bout spittin 50 out a K

On the real B.G. bout trigga play now woo the

B.G. straight duckin feds

On the real B.G. bout bustin heads

On the real B.G. killin chopters

Look in the sky flyin by it's hellicopters

*on the real*

Picture I hang words with a nigga off the other side

Can't underestimate him so I'ma grab my shit and ride

Wayne drive do a pull up and I'ma bust

Wicked plus after that bussiness is a must

My ????? know him he wanna fuck so she can get it

She on the phone with him, nobody home with him

Got it goin in right I know he keep his chrome with him

I'm squeeky yeah I'ma hit him in his dome nigga

His enemy aint with nobody stillin me

Thats why you never catch me without my 'tilary

I keep a nina if not I keep a fifth beemer

Once the drama on I aint waitin to cap a p bra

Snake for Jake