featuring Bun B, Juvenile, Ms. Tee

First Verse: [Juvenile]

Scraped my elbow jumpin' the fence

Creepin' through the grass camoflauged lookin' for them

Cowards, non-believers, contradictors, I'm comin' to get ya

You try to frame me without the picture

Shit, I'm obligated, to be a Juvenile for life

It don't change robbin' shit in this game

I know you heard about that 7th ward, 9th and the rest

But who's down to knock a head off and wear a vest?

Take a flight through that Nolia and then see who represent

Not with them thugs ridin' wearin' them black reebok tennis

Niggas fifteen, sixteen, seventeen

Slangin' iron from that Josephine through that Melphanine

And would do almost anything to prove himself relentless

Like, a murder job and forgettin' the consequences

Hustlin' through the brick walls avoidin' the feds

Pushin' the dope steady duckin' blue eyes and curly heads

And he got caught and then start, runnin' with yo peers

Got swole and been home and now you back out chea

And that boyd that cha shot, brothas hangin' on the block

You don't know him but he know ya look you bout to get got

BOW!!!!!! Laid out in cold blood on the Ave.

Here comes the paramedics media and crime lab

Understand this is all he know and it's all he see

Which is why they known to be a Juvenile just like me

Would'ja see that my words were a little bit cold a little bit trife

Down with Tec Mafia Juvenile fa life

Chorus: [Ms. Tee]

Niggas.......they comin' to get'cha

You betta watch ya back before they muthafuckin' split cha (3x)

Second Verse: [B.G.]

Ain't that cold? I heard a nigga, downed my nigga

My partna ju