Dog Ass


featuring Juvenile


Ohh man, you fuck that girl friend

Verse 1: (Juvenile)

Girl look at you, with you big fine A$$

What you need to do is let a nigga get behind that

I'm find that spot for you, make it drip

Once it get wet enough for me, I'm let it rip

Now bring it to me, toot it up, don't grab me

She said ooh woo, you doing that daddy

Now take it out, put it where it should be

I don't want nothing but mouth you understood me

I'll hit you with the knuckle hoe, I'm from the 3 (3rd Ward)

Where they say fuck a hoe, fuck a hoe, what I mean is

Get your it right hoe or that's you issue

I been holla at your potna so a nigga ain't gone miss u

Good rittens, matter fact if she don't know how to act

She gone be on the next thing smoking

So How U Luv Dat

BGEEZY (B.G.) u did that but it's all gravy nigga

Let's go get some hood rats!



B.G. go on with your Dog A$$

Boy you know you wrong with Dog A$$

(B.G. aka Baby Gangsta)

Say Juve you down bad with your Dog A$$

You done fuck that girl friend with your Dog A$$

Verse 2:

I play the game how it go

A different hoe everynight in my condo

I throw dick like Elway throw a football

I care less but a bitch I fuck friends and all

I'm a nigga that them hoes just can't stand

I'm that nigga that hoes want to be their old man, Respect this

I have you ridin on renzos in the Benzo (Bens)

I beeped your friend have her ducked off in the Maro (Camaro)

I'm cut throat, I her you beefin with your sister I give a fuck hoe

Me & Juve two niggas you can't trust

We from Uptown, we like ice on our nuts