Get Your Shine On (remix)


featuring Big Tymers

[Spoken: BG]

Oh it's on now, still on now

Ain't nothin changed, we still on chrome lil daddy

And in the same place


Washington and Ferret on Sunday, they buck, jumpin

We on 17's stun'n, the second lines comin

The hot girls ow, the Hot Boy$ loud

We in top of the line cars uptown boys, wow

For 17, ridin flier than ya daddy

Play a differentcar everyday, ya daddy in the Caddy

The F-E-Ds smashed me

Picture they thought they had me

BG shinin so hard that they tryin to harrass me

But they let me go, cause we way ahead, smarter

Keys come from overseas in a submarine under water

Still 'gon ride the Legend Monday, ride the Lex Tuesday

Ride the Benz Wednesday

Under the seat is the uzi

Ride the Camaro Thursday, F150 Friday, Saturday

50 shots to set it off for bustas tryin to carjack me

Sunday only 'gon wash my tone up wit my girl sippin wine home

All week I gotta get my shine on


Get your shine on, get your shine on

All day long, I'ma get mine on

Get your shine on, get your shine on

The haters need to know the world is my own (2x)


Now all these cars and all these broads

Playa, I'm bout to get my shine on

Now I'm in Club Whispers wit a $10,000 bar tap

Bitches think I'm jokin, stupid ??? in my lap

I'm bout to drink some Domm P. fo' I leave this here

And take another broad on V.L. to do this year

Now every car I ride in got chrome on it homie

Got a mouth full of gold, to show Uptown soul

Plug hoes

And make more money independently than a major nigga done went gold

I got a million dollar gang wit a 2 million do