Ride Or Die


[Featuring Juvenile, Lil' Wayne]


Uptown is my home, thats where I do my dirt

I either hurt or get hurt

It's me or you on that shirt

Cant let no nigga fix me

Cant let no nigga get me

I'ma draw and hit first, I cant let no nigga split me

Had my momma upset

Nigga, leave my ho pussy wet

I'm goin out with a fight, my chopper bullets eject

I gets blowed and start

Ready to unload at war

No witnesses

You cant get on the stand and say you saw nothin bout nothin

Keep it shut or you dead

If you cant hush, open your mouth and you'll get ten in your head

That's how I play it nigga, I'll blackmail you wit you rown life

It aint right, disrespect you die on site

That aint no might, that's a fact

You can believe that

Instead disrespect, i promise to be back

And clear the corner, you cant run, dont try

I'm high, bout mine ready to ride or die bitch

[Lil Wayne]

Load it up with black gats and macs

Pay attention to gun blastin

And fake buster harassin

Smashin, dashin up yo street wit all the lights out

Two choppers cocked ready to knot

And chop up yo block

Lock all doors and keep windows closed

Cause we done rolled before

So stay on the floor

We ride deep in the all black camaro

Sittin on mo's

And we rolls tokin on fat optimos

You chose to test those uptown boys

You done got on a straight ride and cant get off

Lets all get a stolen car

And roll through they ward

When it's dark

We spark, pull up then draw

You done falled in war

Got in a big brawl

Thought hard but you wrong

So you still get scarred

Y'all boys done played w