Bat A Bitch


I back the fuck out the bitch quick
cause these hoes ain't shit
they good for open mix shit
i put they mind on my dick
gotta put my ???, keep my hoes in check
if i let them disrespect then they always gone disrespect
always have these hoes in line, never whine or dine
break them off nine, kick them in they fucking behind
its necessary to pimp, gotta mac on these hoes
don't be paying for these hoes, put that bozack on these hoes
the B.G. don't give a mannie mutha fuck
bust a nut and I'm up I'm the type that fucking duck
you see the push come to rub
rub come to shove,
these hoes out for jingles so you can't show no love
pimping ain't easy but you do it cause you gotta
knock her and chia pop her, ignore her nigga drop her
i know my dick got power, leave a pussy sour
pump it hour after hour, stank bitches gone shower
I see bitches handeling niggas, hoe try to be hard
nigga don't let them pull your card, if they down be saw
i leave a pussy hole cheezy, greasy
once again nigga
pimpin' ain't easy

Pimpin' ain't easy, gotta keep these hoes from talking back
Hoe I'm your daddy respect it or get batted
Ain't nothin' but a G thang baby
these stank ass hoes going crazy

I'm so down but still hard on these stank hoes
what the pimp of C.M.R do to them be so cold
i'm still taxing these wanna be bitch niggas
I sell the coke by the pound on these bitch niggas
These hoes like mosquitoes, sucking dick and lickin nuts
ridin these '96 blue trucks
You want a pound of coke come with a hundred g's
half of pound of coke, selling them for 50 g's
you can't afford that find me on V.L street
and we front you niggas right before the ???
Whole keys, half keys for 10 5
Four in a half for 16 25
I'm straight fronting my coke nigga uptown
no disrespect I don't sell to niggas downtown
stick where I'm from thats where I be
so I can see my muthafuckin money on the streets
we're the baddest bitches in this fucking city
One short, one tall, and one a dog
But see that dog bitch nigga she gone catch hell
but she gone trick, suck dick and stack mail
I beat a bitch like Ike every chance I get
I beat a nigga like Joe beat Mike at ???
And I'm gone rep and stunt till I just can't quit
and I'm gone keep my diamonds to blind a bitch
I wanna see all my homies get on they feet
ride camaros, sittin on momos
lexus with D's and Vos, pimpin ain't easy but it less???
(Mannie Fresh)
Cash Money in the power, you bitches in the Eddy Bouwer
a whole city of niggas that follow, the thangs I do,
the way I walk, the way I talk, the shit I buy, the shit I bought
see I gets more pussy than cotex, I sport rolex,
purchase with bad checks
just to get with me, sit with me
get a pit for me, bitch you ain't shit to me
cause I done gave more dick that a calio got bricks
she used to be your hoe but thats my bitch
that hoe calls me realist, nigga you one of the realist
Ding dong, daddys home, to the break of dawn, lets get it on
so you can feel it, dick down your spine, I don't mine
takin it off, breaking it off, shakin it off, doing it again
stickin it in, bringin a friend, cause these niggas be laggin
about the bitches they pimpin straight braggin
but if your dog was preganent and all you couldn't be taggin
the bitches I fuck, the bitches I duck,
ask that hoe next to you, that bitch know my truck
Mannie Fresh, a.k.a Warning, warning city a big ballin ass pimp comin

(tallking till end)